Gift management made simple.

Gifted is an elegant iPhone app to help you
plan and organize gifts, people, events and
budgets—at Christmas, and throughout the year.



Add an idea whenever inspiration comes. Gifted lets you include as much info as you like: photo, store, price, web page, notes. Use the handy slider to track each gift's progress. Sort gifts by price, store, person, event or progress.


Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas… Gifted remembers all those dates for you, and notifies you ahead of time. Gifted tracks which gifts still need to be chosen, bought or gifted for each event—so no one is forgotten!


Import from Contacts or Facebook (or add manually). Gifted keeps all their details at your fingertips: likes, dislikes, clothes sizes, notes, plus all their upcoming and past events. You can see each person't gift history, so you don't give the same gift again by mistake.


Set budgets for an event and/or for each person at that event. Gifted shows you whether your gift totals are within budget… or whether you're about to overspend.

Shopping List

Gifted creates an instant shopping list with stores and prices. You can email or print the list as well.

Gift Closet

Gifted keeps an inventory of all those "spare" gifts you have at home: things you made, bought on sale, or want to re-gift. There's space to note where you got each spare gift... so you don't re-gift it to the wrong person!


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  • "Gifted is both neatly designed and
    well organized."

    The New York Times
  • "Gifted is an incredibly refined app that certainly delivers on the promise of making gift management simple for holidays and throughout the year."
  • "Gifted is well polished, organized and
    packed with plenty of features."
  • "[Use Gifted] if you love having lots of information in the same place."

    The Washington Post Magazine
  • "It's all sensibly linked together. You can work the
    way that suits you best…it does its job well."
  • "After having tried several, both free and paid, I can definitely say that Gifted really is the most complete."
  • "Gifted is a slick little app."